• "Engaging"

    "Your presentation was relevant, engaging, and provided the network with a valuable opportunity to learn about the developments in working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The network expressed their appreciation of your presentation, and the interesting perspectives you were able to impart." - Pam Albany, NSW Health Department

  • "Interactive"

    "It opened my eyes to Chinese culture, and the presenterís knowledge was excellent. It was interactive and in a small group, so there was open and frank interchange." - David Peattie, Hasbro

  • "Thorough"

    "I found Multicultural Marketing and Management's workshop very useful. I gained a lot of knowledge that will lead to better business relationships. The presenter's knowledge was very thorough." - Jimmy Minassian, Coca-Cola Amatil

Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training helps executives, on-site managers, marketers and sales people to understand the basic of local cultures and the implications for communicating with non-English-speaking clients or staff. Cross-cultural training can improve both internal and external communications.

Internal: Effective cross-cultural training encourages appropriate interpersonal skills and behaviours within a diverse workforce and helps avoid:

  • Communication problems that can result in hostile and unproductive behaviour

  • Misinterpretation of work procedures, leading to errors, frustration and low morale

External: Cross-cultural training helps improve team morale, productivity, and overall business performance by teaching executives and sales teams:

  • How to get in touch with a new market whose first language is not English

  • How to negotiate with clients who cannot speak English

Our training focuses on:

  • Understanding the cultural diversity in Australia, and the cultures of your target markets and overseas audiences

  • How to sell to or communicate with non-English-speaking clients or staff effectively and without risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation

  • Distinguishing the myths from the facts in relation to non-English-speaking clients, including myths that could hinder your ability to communicate with them effectively

  • The principles of culturally appropriate and user-friendly services and products

You can choose from one of our highly successful standardised workshops or have us work with you to develop a specialised workshop to meet your particular needs.

Prices for workshops vary depending on the length of the training.

Call us today to discuss your needs.


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